Who’s On Your List?

I keep a file of ideas on my desk for these posts.

While my imagination and brain are both fertile grounds for topics, some days I want a bit of a boost – so I go to that file and dig in. Today is one of those days where I wonder: What I can share with you that’s worthwhile? What will you be moved to use? And what do you give a damn about?

Traveling to and from Washington DC a few times last year, I came across a magazine called Capitol File. It looked like good airplane flight reading, so I took a (complementary) copy and tucked it in my bag.

I got to meet Geena Davis at a SeeJane.org event - she's definitely making things happen!

I got to meet Geena Davis at a SeeJane.org event – she’s definitely making things happen!

Come to realize it’s a magazine I’m very glad to have picked up. Notably because of the serendipity of the issue. The page that intrigued me the most was titled “The List Late Spring 2015.” It has 51 names of influencers on it – who happen to all be women.

I found it inspiring to see such a long list of names, most whom I am still unfamiliar with, yet feel a motivating interest in, all in one spot. The List. I can see why it’s titled The List. Feels important, likely because there’s real meaning in this list.

The article accompanying The List is about DC’s Powerful Women. ‘Bout Damn Time, I say. And they’ve been there all along, as all women have, now finally getting some due.

What I like about powerful people – all makes and models – it that many are powerful because they simply go about their days, doing what they need to do to make things happen.

This is what marketing does for you when you invest in it, like the women on The List have invested in themselves and their careers. The work they do, the work they love, the work that consumes and drives and feeds them.

The work marketing can do for your business is equally powerful. When you give it the budget and life it needs to flourish. When you dedicate real effort and time and resources to the program. When you see – like the women on The List – it’s not an overnight proposition. It’s a long-term, long tail campaign for progress and success.

Invest where you need, as you need. In yourself, in your marketing and in your business every day. You’ll see a return in doing so.

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