Gender-EquityThink about it: when was the last time you noticed a printed advertisement? What was the message, the company, the item they were promoting?

What about the last online ad you took notice of? Why did it linger in your grey matter? Was t a timely message? A striking image? A product you are trying to find out about or perhaps one you’re already familiar with?

What gender equity message do you see in your brand images?

And who was in the images and ads? Did you notice gender and representation? You should.

Here are 3 reasons why gender equity matters in marketing.

•Full respect of all people, all genders lends to a more opportunistically open world. More is available to all.

•The aspirational nature of seeing ourselves in an image meant to entice us is extremely powerful. When we see ourselves, we pursue the goals.

•When we don’t see ourselves – when our gender is left out – the message is less meaningful and effective. When we don’t see ourselves, we are much less likely to engage.

Marketing is communication. Images communicate. Look at the images of your brand and see if they truly represent whom you are asking to engage. Being aware of and acting on gender equity – intentional inclusion – will go a long way towards your success and the satisfaction of your customer.

Look around your brand. Confirm, adjust, and move forward.