When I was in high school, every homecoming would include skits by the different grades. These skits were created and presented in the name of School Spirit as we got ourselves hyped up for a culminating football game with a local rival.

One year my class officers decided that another class’s skit was going to blow us out of the water… so they gave up before they even tried to create one for our own class.

I seem to recall we met once, in a pretty ragtag manner and with very little motivation since the officers had already decided that the other class would cream us in the competition.

We met once and ‘practiced’ if you can call it that… What did we do?

We met to decide who would lay on the gym floor, and were, to spell out WHY TRY as our ‘skit’.

Seriously…I recall being embarrassed as they called our class, slowly walking out on the floor, laying down in my appointed place and….that was it.

Talk about a killjoy for the rest of the school.

Suffice to say, the powers that be were not positively impressed, we met our class officers’ aspirations (not winning) and really lowered the bar.

I’m sharing this story today because knowing your own WHY is crucial – dare I say, the floor – upon which you build your life and future.

Our class officers had decided that our collective class WHY was to not try. They gave up before even considering options and choices and others’ ideas that may have won the day (or at least put forth a fun effort).

To not try is to definitely not know your WHY.

Said another way, when you do know your WHY, then that’s where you start winning. Knowing your WHY is knowing your purpose, your aim, goal and vision for your self, in the future where you see yourself.

If you don’t know where and how you want to see yourself, it’s time to get clear on your why.

Reserve some time with yourself to think about your motivation, your purpose, your motivation – your why. Figure out what makes you hum, drives your forward and makes you want to try.

A why-less activity is, well, pretty dang purposeless.

Never mind uninspiring for everyone else.

That high school memory brings it to the surface for me. And I hope it helps you realize that you can, in fact, think about and determine your why to move you forward in this world and in your life.

Why Try. Oof.

Every time I think of that ill-conceived plan, I cringe. Don’t repeat my mistake of participating in that kind of exercise.

Know your Why.