Why “Why”?

Why: adverb; for what? for what reason, cause, or purpose?

  • Why did you get up today?
  • Why did you ‘go to work’?
  • Why did you go to school?
  • Why did you eat something?
  • Why didn’t you make that phone call?
  • Why did you smile at that person?
  • Why do you have a dog or a cat (or both) in your family?
  • Why do you like board games?
  • Why do you think I ask any of these questions?

Answer: why drives everything we do. It’s the molten core of our decision making. Based on what we know, what we know about it and how we feel about it because of what we know, that’s where our Why comes from.

Why is our vision, our beliefs and convictions, our opinions and therefore our actions.

Why we do or we don’t isn’t the direction I’m going here.

It’s Why – at all, to begin with.

Why anything for that matter, and why not?

Why is the very first consideration in connectivity.

Why we decide to connect at all, or not.

From there, it’s all in the Framework: what we do once we’ve determined our Why.

In the Connectivity Canon, I clearly outline the Connectivity Framework – the 7 Elements of Connectivity, as I’ve dubbed them – to help teach and understand the actual process of connecting with another person.

What’s your Why?

What’s YOUR why??

It’s more than an en vogue question; it’s our whole driving force of what we do and don’t, who we meet and won’t.

Why for me means that the works I put my energy and attention into have to matter, based on my own values and convictions. Like you, I want to do works and set out to accomplish meaningful endeavors and tasks, projects and goals.

My why gets me up and moving, keeps me going and inspires me when the road is clear, as well as when it’s foggy as hell. Why is my unseen and still fully-foundationally-understood-to-me meaning.

Connectors have a clear why. I’m a connector. I help people learn the why & how to connect with other people, on purpose with a service mindset.

Think about it this way: when you are comfortably and confidently able to create and develop relationships, what can that mean? The answer is: everything.

If you’d like to know more specifics, get your own copy of the Canon today with this link.

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