Will COVID Erode Human Connection?

ginger johnson human connection
Not if you choose to grow.
The email conversation below is a perfect example of how powerful our mindset and attitude is.
Whatever we believe is what we’ll experience.
What’s your choice?
[Recent email with a colleague]
Colleague: What are you working on now?
ginger johnson human connectionMe: I’m working on re/building – from in the room to on zoom; seeking great clients for speaking & workshops – Connecting for Leaders; human connection why & how-to. Who do you know seeking high-value pro development?
Colleague: I’m SO afraid COVID is going to permanently erode much of the human cx we have left. Interested to hear when we talk how you’re going about this. I don’t think I know anyone with enough $ right now for high-value pro dev, unfortunately, but I’ll def keep it in mind.
Me: Our mindset is totally in our control and command. There will always be a desire to connect, so there will always be connections. It’s up to all of US to consciously do the work it requires and has always required. Those who choose a growth mindset will grow; those who don’t, won’t. It’s a choice. 
AND there is and will always be plenty of money; the mindset of abundance is real – just as the mindset of lack. There’s only one choice for me; and frankly and with respect, I’d be shocked if you felt differently, T, since you’re a goer, doer and change maker. Be the force for good, be the growth minded person and spread that contagion.
While it’s not your errand to run, and since you asked – you do actually know plenty of people who have money; as well, if you don’t it’s a great time to really examine the robustness and depth of your relationships and shift; not based on money alone, certainly. Based on mindset. Growth mindset = earners, never say quit, keep going, shift…. Personally, I’ve shed the relationships of people who are in the mindset of lack – it’s negative, toxic and a downer. We get one precious life – I’m not wasting it, for myself or with anyone else who’s not headed forward.
Resources I highly recommend if you want to and need to shift your mindset: