Hmmm… I was thinking…. wonder what BNE GRL means?

I was making my way into a donut shop and walked by a car parked with these letters on a vanity plate.

Since it was a small shop and I noticed the driver getting out just ahead of me, waiting right before me, I saw an opportunity.

“So, you’ve got me intrigued – Bone Girl?”, I said to her.

She replied with a smile, “It’s phonetic. Sound it out.”

Try, I did…. yet still didn’t quite nab it.

“Beanie Girl,” she said.

She then proceeded to tell me the story.

When she was a girl, she watched a program called Beanie Girl with her grandparents. When her grandparents died, they left her some money. With that money, she bought her first new car (the one she was driving – looking in great shape, I would add) and in homage, her plates recollect them.

Wow. What a story, right?

And it all happened by connecting. By starting a simple conversation with a stranger. By being open, positive and willing. By being curious about another person. By making the First Move.

I’m addicted to connecting. To creating human connection.

As I made my way out the door, with my bag of donuts (thank you very much), I was smiling and told my husband who was waiting for me outside about the interaction.

“I know,” he said. “I saw you talking with someone.”

He’s so used to me connecting – and it makes him happy too.

While he’s not nearly as gregarious about connecting as I am, it still gives him confidence and a related strength, if you will. When we see people we love and admire and respect doing something positive, we’re more likely to do that same thing.

It’s so much fun to connect with people. And it’s SO EASY!!

As she got her donuts, paid and turned to leave, she smiled again, shared a friendly greet, touched me on the shoulder and made her way outside. I was grinning as I stepped up to the counter. Both days made better by a simple human interaction.

The next time you’re standing in line, put your phone away. Instead, strike up a conversation with someone either in front of or behind you. Keep the opening safe, pleasant and positive. Here’s a helpful post on exactly how to start a conversation.

Whatever you do, start looking around for opportunities to connect with other people. They. Are. Everywhere. It’s up to you to be the connector and get it going.

It’s always a great day to connect. Connectors change the world.