The Art of Connecting Summit

Southern Oregon, November 2020

Join a remarkable group of people for this intimate, transformational event and leave with the confidence and skills to enhance your business and life.

Limited Spots Available - Early Connector Pricing Coming Soon...

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Memorable, learning events catered to your company in a location you pick or leave it to us and we will handle all the details.



We come to you – allowing your team to avoid traveling and get the most of our time together.

In our one or two-day workshops we go deep into a pre-agreed topic to suit your needs establishing new and better ways to doing business.


Highly focused one on one, directly and specifically addressing singular concerns and growth. Individual attention and results for high performers who Do The Work with expert guidance. Personalized design, scheduling and accelerated growth. Invest in your success, today.


Ready to find your people?

These exclusive masterminds are groups of intelligent business owners, like you, sharing their obstacles and working together to be better at work and life. Join us and find the tools you are missing to be confident in all you do.

Increase Sales, Build Stronger Teams, Improve Relationships, Stay Engaged



"Attending Ginger's workshop has refreshed my connectivity toolbox as I begin to consider my retirement/next career. "

— Marisa
VIP Workshop 2019

"I didn't realize how negative my focus had become, being a part of your workshop with this group helped me see that my whining wasn't helping anything."

— Al

"Thank you for the invitation and thank you for taking steps to pursue YOUR dreams and allowing me to be a part of it. One of the great motivational speakers Zig Ziglar continues to be quoted, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Thank you again, Ginger."

— Elvira
Medford OR

"Thank you for being such a shining star of the festival! We have received wonderful comments about your workshops. We all love what and how you do it – Ginger Snap style!!"

Director of Sales & Marketing, Neuman Hotel Group, Ashland OR


Connectivity Immersion Workshop

  • Full Day of Connectivity
  • Skill Building Strategy & Tactics
  • Framework Explained & Practiced
  • Onsite Live Practice & Coaching
  • Language & Characteristics of Connectivity
  • Toolkit + Connectivity Canon
  • Full Q&A Sessions


Half-day Connectivity Workshop

  • Half-day Connectivity Workshop
  • Connectivity Framework
  • Skills & Tactics
  • Exercises & Handouts
  • Connectivity Canon books available for purchase


Learning Connectivity Workshop

  • Two-hour Workshop
  • Why & How to Connect with People On Purpose
  • Connectivity Canon books available for purchase

*Prices may vary depending on additional customization

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