Workshop guest: I really enjoyed your [Making Positive Connections] workshop. So did my co-workers! Very fun and engaging. Take Care, B

Me: Great to hear it, B. Thanks for the feedback. Was there a particular idea or ‘juice’ you found especially resonant?

Guest: I keep thinking about the “why”. I have so many of them it is hard to narrow it down to just one. Good stuff!

     Me: HA! Indeed, it can seem like many – and I’ll challenge you: you only truly have one Why, one vision. You may have many “how’s” (think: mission statement, execution based), yet only one WHY. Be in touch when you’ve cleared to 1 Why.


If you think you have more than one why, you’re not clear. It’s A Vision, not multiple visions; you can have multiple missions (ways to execute), and one vision unites them all.