“Our marketing is our employees doing their job well.”

Wise words.

Ask yourself today:

  • What role do I play in our marketing?
  • How do I best execute my work?
  • What do I need to perform at my best for the entire whole?
  • How do I continually evaluate and improve?
  • Who else is involved in this adventure?
  • How do we best work together as a team?
  • How do we best project cohesiveness and value for our clients?

Yes, my friends – everyone is marketing. Marketing is communication. And everything we do communicates part of that message in some fashion.

From our gait in our walk to our eye contact, from our writing style to our clothing, from how we smell to our handshake. It’s worth thoughtful consideration. You are a projection of your business. A living breathing image of your brand.

Figure out what you need to do to do you job well. Help yourself and help the others around you. You will be happier, your customers (internal and external) will thank you, and you’ll see positive effects ripple out.